Form I-9 Compliance LLC Reacts Quickly to the Flexibility for Employers that are Operating Remotely

Form I-9 Compliance LLC has updated its web application in response to the updated guidance by DHS related to COVID-19, we have added new functionality to the electronic Form I-9 to assist employers in the proper completion of the form.

The full COVID-19 news release by DHS regarding flexibility in requirements related to the Form I-9 can be found here.

COVID-19 System Enhancements introduced by Form I-9 Compliance LLC to conduct a “virtual” verification NOW and an in-person verification at a later time

  • Added check boxes in the Section 2 “Additional Information” field with “COVID-19”, “Documents physically examined” and “Other”.  The “Other” check box will open a text field for employers to enter any desired information. The Additional Information field can be updated any time in the future by using the EDIT function in section 2.
    • Multiple selections are allowed. The typical process will be: step 1 = select COVID-19, step 2 = at later date, user will also select “Documents physically examined” and/or “Other”.
      • For example, an I-9 could have this information in “Additional Information” box:
        • COVID-19
        • Documents physically examined
    • Click here to view a screenshot of the COVID-19 check boxes.
  • Easy Follow-Up Identification from Compliance Dashboard
    • A Dashboard element for “COVID-19” will be available for clients and users that currently have the dashboard feature enabled. This new dashboard will show any I-9s with “COVID-19” selected in the Additional Information field for required follow up. (View screenshot here.) Records will be removed from this dashboard after the “Documents physically examined” check box is selected.

Form I-9 Compliance LLC has “Remote Agent” Options Available for In-Person Verification “Now”

Employers can utilize a “Remote Agent” as their authorized representative to conduct an in-person “touch and Feel” document verification of a newly hired remote employee. Employers choosing this option can ask the employee to pick a nearby individual (perhaps a friend, neighbor, or even family member) with clear instructions on the completion processes that need to occur.  The Form I-9 Compliance LLC remote agent option is integrated with its electronic Form I-9 which guides the agent through the necessary steps and prevents errors and omissions. Employers utilizing this remote agent option eliminates the In-Person Verification “Later” follow up requirements.