I-9 Correct

identify | remediate | capture

I-9 Auditing

The single most important step an employer can take to help ensure they protect themselves from potential fines and criminal charges is to identify and resolve errors, omissions and discrepancies on their I-9 Forms. Our expert auditors, which include former INS/DHS agents, will audit your I-9s and identify these errors, omissions, discrepancies and recommend corrective action.

  • Rest easy knowing that you have done everything you can to legally protect your organization in case of an ICE audit
  • Know exactly what your risk and liabilities are, so you can take proactive steps to eliminate them.
  • Demonstrate your “good faith effort” to comply with legal requirements.
  • I-9 Audit Remediation can be completed by Form I-9 Compliance or the employer and/or the employee (to the extent allowable by DHS guidelines)
  • An I-9 Audit result page provided for each I-9 Form/Employee name audited
  • Step-by-step instructions outlining the I-9 remediation process
  • I-9 remediation assistance available, as requested

Digital Storage

It’s never been more important to move from a paper-based to digital Form I-9 process. Storing Form I-9’s electronically will result in less labor, logistical and storing costs for employers, especially for those large employers that have many locations throughout the U.S. and/or high employee turnover. Electronic storage can result in more efficient and proper completion of the Form I-9 and easier search and retrieval of I-9 forms. Inspection, imaging and indexing services provide simplified management of historical I-9 Forms and enhanced alerts for expiring work documents.

  • Compliance dashboard
  • 24/7 access
  • Expiring document alerts
  • Section 3 update capabilities
  • Custom electronic data interchange options;
  • Missing I-9’s, terminated I-9’s, hire date discrepancies
  • Termination/Purge capabilities
  • Reporting options
  • Dedicated ICE/HIS Audit support – NOI SWAT team
  • U.S. Based Customer Support team